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Diversity Leadership

With stores located in the most diverse markets in the nation, it’s essential to have a strategic plan for diversity: to serve and connect with diverse customers, create a diverse workforce, foster an inclusive work environment where different perspectives are valued, partner to share our time, talent, and resources with our communities, maintain access for the continued development of a diverse vendor network, communicate values, and finally, grow sales and profit by capturing the buying power of a diverse market.

Find out more about Macy’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, explore our holistic plan, garner insights from Macy’s, Inc.’s executive leadership on the importance of diversity within the organization, and find out about upcoming events and recent honors. You can also apply to become a diversity supplier for Macy’s, Inc. through the Macy’s Diversity Leadership website.

Don’t miss The Workshop @ Macy’s, a comprehensive retail vendor development program designed to give select high potential multicultural and/or women business owners the tools to better succeed and sustain growth in the retail industry. Lines from five 2011 Workshop participants began launching in Macy’s stores in May 2012, and we expect many more to come. Find out more about this innovative vendor development program on The Workshop at Macy’s website.