To help meet the civic, health and welfare, educational and cultural needs of the communities Federated serves, the company invests $15 million to establish a foundation.
The merger of Rike’s of Dayton and Shillito’s of Cincinnati results in Shillito-Rikes.
The newly formed Federated Systems Group (then known as The SABRE Group) begins the conversion of all Federated divisions to a common electronic data processing system. (The group is now known as Macy’s Systems and Technology.)

Davison’s of Atlanta changes its name to Macy’s.
A single, billion-dollar organization is formed with the merger of Federated’s Shillito-Rikes of Cincinnati and Columbus-based Lazarus. With headquarters in Cincinnati, the division operates under the Lazarus name.

Campeau Corporation acquires Allied Stores Corporation, which is reorganized under the merger agreement.

In what was then retail’s largest acquisition, May Company acquired Associated Dry Goods and added Lord & Taylor, J.W. Robinson’s and L.S. Ayres, among others, to its collection of regional department stores.
Federated buys Allied’s Indianapolis-based Block’s division, incorporating it into Lazarus.
Campeau Corporation acquires Federated. Several Federated divisions are sold to other retailers. May Company purchases Foley’s and Filene’s from Campeau. Macy’s purchases Bullock’s and I. Magnin from Campeau. To consolidate with Federated, Allied’s New York City headquarters moves to Cincinnati. Allied - operating in tandem with Federated - is comprised of The Bon Marché, Jordan Marsh, Maas Brothers and Stern’s. Goldsmith’s merges into Rich’s, although the Goldsmith’s nameplate is maintained in the Memphis market.
Federated forms its Financial, Administrative and Credit Services operation (The FACS Group) in suburban Cincinnati to centralize credit services for all department store divisions. (The group is now known as Macy’s Credit and Customer Services.)

Federated’s employee volunteer program, Partners in Time, is founded at Rich’s/Goldsmith’s as a way to give back to the community.